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Sunday, March 18, 2007

This is rather poetic passage from John D Caputo in his "Philosophy & Theology". He's talking about seeking after meaning, after the passion that makes us really alive, and how in that pursuit it often we who need to give answer, and we who are being pursued, haunted, and shaken. I have adapted the text slightly for readability and form.

"It it not as if I have a choice in the matter.

For I have been seduced by them.
induced, lured, fetched from afar,
wrenched from out of my everyday life,
and hauled into their chambers where I am made to answer for myself.

I have been wounded by their words,
the way one speaks of being wounded by Love's arrow.
I have been pierced to the heart by something
and enigmatic,
by something
that left me breathless,
pursued by questions I cannot still.

I live and breath in the tremulousness of life.
exposed to the questionability of things,
made vulnerable by Love's wounds,
visited in the night by questions of elemental power,
shaken to the core
by voices that will not be stilled."

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