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Friday, October 31, 2008

There are a lot of great resources on the web for Biblical Greek. I decided to put several of them together into one place and affectionately christened it Greekle - multi-site Biblical Greek search engine parser. Greekle parses several Greek search engines (Unbound Bible, Blue Letter Bible, Biblios, and the Resurgence Greek Project) putting Greek dictionaries (Thayer & Strongs), a lexical parser, an interlinear Greek-English Bible (NRSV & na26), and a Greek concordance all in the same place.

Other than corralling all these resources together, another neat thing Greekle does that you wont find anywhere else is the ability to search the Biblios Greek concordance for words by Strongs number. I had originally made it to look for Greek words alphabetically, but found it gave more accurate results (including all forms of the root word or 'lemma') if it looked for Strong's numbers instead. For some reason Biblos while it has multiple search capabilities does not have any search engine for their Greek concordance. Well, now they do.

As far as a tutorial, one way I like to use Greekle is to first parse a Greek word in order to get the lexical dictionary form and Strong's number (a transliteration guide is provided at the top of the page). If your don't know the whole Greek word (or are just lazy) you can use the % sign as a wild card. For example if burrito was a Greek word I could type "bur% "and it would find burito (and any other Greek words that begin with "bur" - burgundy, burp, burger, burka, etc. Once you get the lexica form from the parser and its Strong's number you can then use Greekle to look up the word by Strong's number in the concordance and get every form of the word, as well as every occurance in the Bible. So it's a gret way to do quick exegesis and Greek word studies.

Another neato thing about Greekle is the interlinear Greek-English Bible (NASV and the Nestle Aland which is the text used to translate all modern Bibles - NIV, RSV, etc). This is possible to do directly on Resurgence Greek Project, but it takes several mouse clicks to set up.

So I hope people enjoy using Greekle to study God's Word. I've found it to be quite useful in my own studies, and had fun writing it, mixing my Greek with my geek. Just click the link below to try it out:

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